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Julep May 2012 IT GIRL

I got my Julep Maven IT GIRL box!

Let’s see what’s inside

I usually stick with my style profile of American Beauty, but this month the IT GIRL colors looked really fun! One of the great things about the Julep Maven program is that you can preview what’s been pre-selected for you, and if you want to switch it up, you can opt for a different style to be sent (or even skip the month). 

Inside my May 2012 Julep IT GIRL box was:

Julep nail color

  • Ashley  -  a metallic sunset orange shimmer
  • Nessa   - a metallic lemon shimmer
  • Kylie    - a deep violet shimmer - magnetic nail polish

a sample of the Best Pedi-Creme Ever

and the magnet for the Kylie polish

I’ve tried the colors and found the brushed to be a bit wonky, so JULEP with their awesome customer service is sending new nail polish brushes to me! The Ashley and Nessa are very shimmery, and look pretty cool together. The Kylie magnetic polish is a gorgeous color, but I wasn’t all too impressed with the actual “magnetic effect” so I’ll be wearing that color without the extra step.

If you aren’t a Julep Maven yet- follow my referral link to get started: 

Use coupon code PENNY or SHAREONMAY to save BIG on your first box - just one cent shipping included!! WOW

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