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Green Grab Bag November 2011

Thanksgiving is almost here! My Green Grab Bag was a cornucopia of natural health and beauty products, that I can say I’m thankful for having the opportunity to try them out!

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Better Botanicals Clarifying Facial Scrub  -  an exfoliating cleanser

Cocoon Apothecary Rosey Cheeks Face Cream  -  This moisturizer is great for dry, sensitive skin. I love the way it feels, it’s not really heavy and the light rose scent reminds me of my Nana <3

Maris Naturals Body Cream  -  Grapefruit Mimosa scented body lotion. This is a super light-weight, non greasy feeling body, lotion that does a gret job hydrating dry skin.

Dropwise AromaTherapy Mister  -  This mini mister is great! I popped it in my purse, because the scent is super refreshing and it’s a great little pick me up on humid days here in FLorida! It can also be used as a room mister, so DUAL PURPOSE, which is always a plus… I’ve even misted my pillow before bedtime. This is on my wish list to purchase! ;)

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil  -  I haven’t really heard of this product, maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock? It’s an organic treatment oil that nourishes and heals dry and damaged skin. I’ve put it to the test and used it on the bottoms of my feet for a few days now, they’re looking pretty and smooth!

Ferro Mineral Makeup  eye candy in 24 Carats  -  I love the shimmer of this pale gold eye color. Doesn’t have much staying power on it’s own, so use an eye shadow base or primer for best results! This color is also pretty as a liner, gives eyes an extra brightness.

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