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Little Passports EGYPT

Month 5 of our Little Passports has Sam and Sophie traveling to ancient EGYPT.

Our kit included a letter and photo from Sam and Sophia, our luggage tag/boarding pass, “passport sticker” stamp, our blue pin for our world map, and an excavation kit of a mini pyramid! 

Lizzy was really excited about the excavation kit, knowing that there was a hidden artifact inside!! 

Want to get started with your worldly travels? Have Little Passports sent right to your mail box

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Little Passports FRANCE

Month 4 of our Little Passports has taken us to FRANCE!

In our package from France, we received our letter and photo from Sam and Sophia, our luggage tag/boarding pass, “passport stamp” sticker, the pin sticker for our world map, our activity sheet and a poster with French words! Can you say, “OOOOH la la!” 

To find out more or order your Little Passports kit head to their site

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Little Passports Adventures

Have you heard about the Little Passports program?

If you have children (or a child) ages 5-10 and love to learn about new places and things, then you should check it out! My daughter is ALMOST 5 and we’ve been getting the Little Passports for 4 months now. 

Every month a new country is showcased. (your first month is your Welcome Kit- that has your suitcase, a large world map, a passport and info about the program)

Kids receive a package in the mail with a location stamp on the outside. Inside there is a letter that tells of “Sam and Sophia’s Adventures” a photo if where they are visiting, luggage tag, a pin marker for your world map, a country sticker to put on your suitcase, a sticker passport stamp and some fun learning activities and mementos/ souvenirs.

Some of the content is a little above Lizzy’s comprehension- being that she was 4 when we started (like the crossword puzzles) so we are saving them for when she is a little older, but I think that the content is very age appropriate and fun enough to go back and relearn and discuss each country.

BRAZIL was our first country to learn about

Our second month was JAPAN

*Lizzy took the photos so they are a little fuzzy. In a separate post I’ll list the items we received.

To get Little Passports for your soon to be World Travler - follow the link and check them out for different packages and pricing!

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