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Well hello my pretties, I have a few new subscribers and would really love to do the give away sometime before pumpkin day. That being said, please spread the word about my little blog and help me grow! 

In order to enter for the give away, simple follow AND subscribe to my email, simple as pie!! (open for all US residents)  (this is the link to subscribe to my newsletter and be eligible for the giveaway)

There will be one lucky winner of over 6 items of the great samples the I haven’t gotten around to trying yet, and that winner could be you! 

If all goes well, I might do another give away around turkey time too!!

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just a quick post

I haven’t forgotten to post lately, just been busy, and collecting more goodies to choose from for my first give-away…

"Give-away?" you may be asking yourself.

Yes, I am doing a little give away of a few items that i’ve received from some of the many boxes I get each month. All YOU need to do is follow my blog and sign up for my newsletter! So tell all your friends, in the next few weeks I’ll be putting a little box of goodies together, and who knows, if you or a friend wins, there may be goodies you BOTH could use! 

AND just so you know, I’ll be posting a few posts in the next week or so of some of my most recent boxes!

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who likes free stuff??

I know I like free stuff, and I also like trying new things. 

Jen-erous begins with JEN (that’s me) and so I’ve been thinking… “What should I do with some of the extra stuff I have from all my many box kit subscription services?”  And then my husband said, “You should do a give away!” To which I said, “Was I thinking out loud?”

Our little moment has transpired into the very first (let’s see if anyone would be interested in) give away. I’m giving away a box to one lucky person. The BOXACROSS BOX give away will contain 5+ items from some of the various subscription services that I get every month. Who knows what will be inside? 

  • Maybe a Julep Nail Polish
  • Maybe skincare products from BirchBox
  • Maybe beauty products from My Glam
  • Maybe natural products from Eco Emi
  • Maybe eco-friendly products from Conscious Box
  • Maybe vegan skin care from Green Grab Bag
  • Maybe fragrance from GoodeBox

Once the winner has been chosen and the box has been sent, I’ll post a photo of what was inside!  If you’re interested and want to win, make sure you’re following my blog and comment on this post. If more people are interested, there might even be a second box!! 

So tell your friends about my little blog, tell them to follow and enter to win… 

To enter - subscribe to my “newsletter” - one luck person will be chosen at random for my first super duper special give away…  (click this link to subscribe to my newsletter and be eligible for the giveaway)

Did I mention that it’s a FREE giveaway? I’ll even pay shipping (postage) to anywhere in the USA!

I’m still working out the date for when the winner will be chosen, but go ahead and sign up so you don’t miss out. One entry per person, once the winner is chosen I will contact them to get the mailing address and announce the winner!!

Who’s excited about this? I know I am!

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Patriotic toes July Julep nails 2012


Lizzy’s nails were done for our evening at Walt Disney World. We went to the Hoop Dee Doo and then watched the fireworks. What a magical and beautiful way for our family to spend the 4th of July!

  • Katie (white)
  • America -red sparkly nail polish with silver and blue glitter
Get your monthly Julep box by following my  referral link HTTP://JULEP.COM/?R=18266057

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Julep July 2012 BOMBSHELL

When you think of summertime fun, the 4th of July comes to mind. This month, Julep was extra sweet and sent out a festive nail polish to all their subscribers in the USA and Canada. We got to choose which free glitter gloss we wanted to be added to our box. While the Oh Canada was really pretty, I went with the America. Wasn’t that generous of them?

This month Julep even went a step further and included a coordinating/matching lip gloss in some of their boxes. Although I usually stick with my style profile American Beauty, this month I decided to switch it up and go for the BOMBSHELL box.

Inside the July 2012 BOMBSHELL box:

  • Julep lip gloss in Zinnia
  • Julep nail color in Kate
  • Julep nail color in Chelsea
  • Julep nail color bonus in America

My nails are sure to sparkle this month thanks to Julep… want to get your Julep nail colors too? Follow my referral link and get started 

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Julep June 2012 Boho Glam

Summer is on the horizon and that means life in flip flops! There’s nothing more important during sandal season than having pretty painted toes.

In the June 2012 Boho Glam box here’s what I got:

  • Julep daylight defense hand & face cream SPF 30
  • Julep daylight defense lip protectant SPF 15
  • Julep nail color in Daisy a bright yellow cream
  • Julep nail color in Robin a light aqua cream

What I will say, is I really prefer these creme colors Julep is putting out this summer. I do a base coat, 2 coats of polish and a top coat and that gets me through a week on my toes!

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Julep May 2012 IT GIRL

I got my Julep Maven IT GIRL box!

Let’s see what’s inside

I usually stick with my style profile of American Beauty, but this month the IT GIRL colors looked really fun! One of the great things about the Julep Maven program is that you can preview what’s been pre-selected for you, and if you want to switch it up, you can opt for a different style to be sent (or even skip the month). 

Inside my May 2012 Julep IT GIRL box was:

Julep nail color

  • Ashley  -  a metallic sunset orange shimmer
  • Nessa   - a metallic lemon shimmer
  • Kylie    - a deep violet shimmer - magnetic nail polish

a sample of the Best Pedi-Creme Ever

and the magnet for the Kylie polish

I’ve tried the colors and found the brushed to be a bit wonky, so JULEP with their awesome customer service is sending new nail polish brushes to me! The Ashley and Nessa are very shimmery, and look pretty cool together. The Kylie magnetic polish is a gorgeous color, but I wasn’t all too impressed with the actual “magnetic effect” so I’ll be wearing that color without the extra step.

If you aren’t a Julep Maven yet- follow my referral link to get started: 

Use coupon code PENNY or SHAREONMAY to save BIG on your first box - just one cent shipping included!! WOW

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Nail Tutorial - easy classy floral

This is my GOTO nail look I usually wear on my toes through out the spring and summer months. I get many compliments on my flowered nails. Everyone always says, “You did those yourself, that looks so hard to do.” I always answer with a, “It’s actually really easy once you know what to do.”

And so… I decided to do a step by step tutorial just so you can see how easy it really is. For this tutorial I’ll be using all JULEP nail colors. Of course you can choose whatever colors you’d like, and by changing the background colors, and the colors for the flowers, you can get so many different looks with this very simple design. 

As always - start off with clean nails that have been filed, shaped and given a clear base coat. 

Here we go:

I’m using JULEP MARIA for the first color as the bottom layer.

The second color is JULEP MAYA do this on half of the nail. (This is where you can have a little artistic freedom and it doesn’t have to be perfect; do just half of the nail right side or left side or even the diagonal tops half of the nail.)

Next we’ll make some flowers using JULEP RACHEL - practice making flowers on a piece of paper a few times just to get the hang of how much polish to use and how close to get the dots…  

Now, flowers are easier than you think. Using a dotting tool make 5 dots in a circle. (If you don’t have a dotting tool you can use the tip of a pencil or the nail polish brush- just make sure not to have too much polish on the brush, you just need enough to make small dots.) Once you have the dots on your nail, take a tooth pick and gently pull from the center of each dot towards the empty space of the circle of flowers.

Next Use JULEP OSCAR in the center of each flower and in a few random places on the nail for the finishing touches.

Finish with a clear top coat and you’re done!

If you’re looking for dotting tools- I got my set off eBay super inexpensive - only $1.99 US dollars and free shipping. They come from China so shipping was about 2 weeks, but worth the wait.

The JULEP colors came in 2 different shipments. Maria and Maya were in my St. Patrick’s Day extra holiday order and Rachel and Oscar came in my February 2012 It Girl box. 

If you’d like to become a Julep Maven - follow my referral link and get started for a penny - use code COLOR2012 at the check out! 

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Julep Polish Sofia

I opted in for the surprise St. Patricks Day box from the Julep Maven program in March 2012.

I just noticed last night something very special about one of the nail polishes… it glows in the dark. 

The color is called Sofia, a very sheer spring green with aqua sparkles. Alone the color isn’t really all that great, what I mean is it’s not very flattering when worn alone on your nails. But I like to try every color out and see how it goes on before layering. I like using it as a top coat with darker colors like  Elizabeth and give some extra sparkle.

The added bonus with this color is that it GLOWS in the dark! When worn alone on nails, 2-3 coats, you get some fun glowing nails. It doesn’t glow as much when put on as a top coat. But since it wasn’t marked as a GITD nail product, I consider that a little bonus. My daughter loved seeing my glowing nails when I put her to bed last night! :) 

Get your first Julep box for a penny using coupon code COLOR2012 at check out —just follow my referral link to get started

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