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Well hello my pretties, I have a few new subscribers and would really love to do the give away sometime before pumpkin day. That being said, please spread the word about my little blog and help me grow! 

In order to enter for the give away, simple follow AND subscribe to my email, simple as pie!! (open for all US residents)  (this is the link to subscribe to my newsletter and be eligible for the giveaway)

There will be one lucky winner of over 6 items of the great samples the I haven’t gotten around to trying yet, and that winner could be you! 

If all goes well, I might do another give away around turkey time too!!

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who likes free stuff??

I know I like free stuff, and I also like trying new things. 

Jen-erous begins with JEN (that’s me) and so I’ve been thinking… “What should I do with some of the extra stuff I have from all my many box kit subscription services?”  And then my husband said, “You should do a give away!” To which I said, “Was I thinking out loud?”

Our little moment has transpired into the very first (let’s see if anyone would be interested in) give away. I’m giving away a box to one lucky person. The BOXACROSS BOX give away will contain 5+ items from some of the various subscription services that I get every month. Who knows what will be inside? 

  • Maybe a Julep Nail Polish
  • Maybe skincare products from BirchBox
  • Maybe beauty products from My Glam
  • Maybe natural products from Eco Emi
  • Maybe eco-friendly products from Conscious Box
  • Maybe vegan skin care from Green Grab Bag
  • Maybe fragrance from GoodeBox

Once the winner has been chosen and the box has been sent, I’ll post a photo of what was inside!  If you’re interested and want to win, make sure you’re following my blog and comment on this post. If more people are interested, there might even be a second box!! 

So tell your friends about my little blog, tell them to follow and enter to win… 

To enter - subscribe to my “newsletter” - one luck person will be chosen at random for my first super duper special give away…  (click this link to subscribe to my newsletter and be eligible for the giveaway)

Did I mention that it’s a FREE giveaway? I’ll even pay shipping (postage) to anywhere in the USA!

I’m still working out the date for when the winner will be chosen, but go ahead and sign up so you don’t miss out. One entry per person, once the winner is chosen I will contact them to get the mailing address and announce the winner!!

Who’s excited about this? I know I am!

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Green Grab Bag June 2012

Green Grab Bag, a monthly service that delivers eco-friendly skincare and health care products right to your mail box for just $15 a month. Sign up now at

Here’s the June 2012 haul:

Brigit True Organics Magic Skin Balm  -  healing salve

Glam Nation Eye & Make-up Remover  -  organic cleanser

Pangea Organics Facial Scrub

Journey’s Mother Lotion Pellets  -  melting pellets that cleanse skin

Organic Indulgences Lip Butter  -  in chocolate mint flavor

Earthen Spice balm from Lily of Hawaii 

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Green Grab Bag April 2012

It’s funny… when the mail comes, my daughter Lizzy knows what’s in the box when it’s delivered even before she sees a label. Did I mention that she’s almost 5?

So our square box arrived on the doorstep and Lizzy says, “Mommy, our Green Grab Bag is here, go get it.” She loves the unveiling and get’s to smell everything and always has a comment about the products. She’s becoming a very well informed consumer! 

As always the Green Grab Bag had some great natural beauty products nestled inside the green way bag and recycled green packaging.

Deep Steep Moisture Stick  -  melts when it comes in contact with the heat of your skin (I might have to keep this in my purse, my skin has been a little drier than usual mid-day)

Prem Soaps Organic Olive Oil Soap  -  These soaps are made in small batches and add moisture to the skin.

Heaven’s Alchemy Perfume  -  I received 2 samples one called St. Petersburg (a spicy citrus with a hint of musk) and the other called Kyoto (a fruity floral with amber base tones). Both of these perfumes smell amazing! And checking their packaging on-line, the bottles are so pretty. This perfume is made in the USA, not tested on animals and contains no animal by-products, is alcohol free, paraben free, Phthalate free and color additive free. 

Aguacate & Co Skin Care  -  Hydrating Facial Creme  an organic skin care solution

AnnMarie Gianni Coconut Body Oil  -  great for rough, dry, wrinkled and damaged skin 

Angelina Organic Skin Care  -  I received a trio of products in a pretty lavender bag

  1. Rose & Cardamom  Foaming Face Wash for dry & mature skin
  2. Coconut Bliss Exfoliating Cream Mask
  3. Youth in Bloom  Phyto-Active Firming Night Cream

As you can see, the April 2012 GGB was filled with great eco-friendly beauty products that I think “Mother Earth” would be proud of. Get your Green Grab Bag now 

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Green Grab Bag November 2011

Thanksgiving is almost here! My Green Grab Bag was a cornucopia of natural health and beauty products, that I can say I’m thankful for having the opportunity to try them out!

If you are’t subscribed to GGB- check them out at

Better Botanicals Clarifying Facial Scrub  -  an exfoliating cleanser

Cocoon Apothecary Rosey Cheeks Face Cream  -  This moisturizer is great for dry, sensitive skin. I love the way it feels, it’s not really heavy and the light rose scent reminds me of my Nana <3

Maris Naturals Body Cream  -  Grapefruit Mimosa scented body lotion. This is a super light-weight, non greasy feeling body, lotion that does a gret job hydrating dry skin.

Dropwise AromaTherapy Mister  -  This mini mister is great! I popped it in my purse, because the scent is super refreshing and it’s a great little pick me up on humid days here in FLorida! It can also be used as a room mister, so DUAL PURPOSE, which is always a plus… I’ve even misted my pillow before bedtime. This is on my wish list to purchase! ;)

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil  -  I haven’t really heard of this product, maybe I’ve been hiding under a rock? It’s an organic treatment oil that nourishes and heals dry and damaged skin. I’ve put it to the test and used it on the bottoms of my feet for a few days now, they’re looking pretty and smooth!

Ferro Mineral Makeup  eye candy in 24 Carats  -  I love the shimmer of this pale gold eye color. Doesn’t have much staying power on it’s own, so use an eye shadow base or primer for best results! This color is also pretty as a liner, gives eyes an extra brightness.

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Green Grab Bag March 2012

Looking for natural eco-friendly beauty and skin care products? Try some great products for just $15 a month! Check out Green Grab Bag.

Here’s what I received in my March 2012 GGB:

Coupon for $15 of product from Mineral Hygenics

Tsi-La Perfumes  -  Ilang Ilang, a blend of Ilang Ilang, citrus, coconut and vanilla perfect for Spring and this product is made with certified organic ingredients.

Shea Terra  Ultimate Moisturizing Body Cream  -  Pink Guava & Pomegranates  This is made with natural sustainable shea butter.

Revolution Organics Freedom Gloss  -   Color called INTEGRITY   This gloss is free of synthetics, chemicals, parabens, mineral oil, artificial ingredients, petrochemicals and no animal testing, 85% certified organic and 100% natural … full sized produce $28

Skin Perfection  -  Seven Seas Mist  anti-aging skincare mask that helps to restore a youthful glow. 

Delizioso Skincare  Elderberry Hair Smoothie  -  my sample wasn’t sealed all the way at the bottom, (luckily it didn’t get all over any of my other products) and there isn’t enough product to try it out… 

Mineral Hygenics  Sheer Perfection Silk Translucent Powder  -  I have tried this powder and really really like it a lot… I’ll be using the coupon to buy more of this powder!! 

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Green Grab Bag vs Conscious Box 2012

Green Grab Bag vs Conscious Box 2012

Let me be clear, I’m NOT saying one is better than the other.

I wanted to showcase 2 companies Green Grab Bag vs Conscious Box  side by side so you can see 2 great eco-friendly subscription services.

That being said, I took photos of my most recent shipments from GGB and CB - side by side, just so you can see both and how they stack up, and what each has to offer.

I won’t be listing individual items in this post- they will be in a separate post for each shipment received.


This is what each was shipped in

  • the GGB weighed 1lb  cost was $15 with shipping included
  • the CB was 13oz  cost was $12 + $7 shipping = $19 total

Here’s a photo of the packaging inside each box.


Here’s what I received inside each bag/box

What I will say is this: THIS MONTH

  • GGB offers more beauty, skin care and fragrance products, many are natural, organic and vegan, and is packaged ready to gift!
  • CB offers more edible treats, many that are natural, vegan and gluten free, and came with a bunch of additional coupons.

To subscribe to either- follow my links:



Want to know more about what exactly was in each box? In the next few days I’ll post what I received in a separate post.

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Green Grab Bag January 2012

Looking for eco-friendly, natural health and beauty products? Check out White Apricot’s Green Grab Bag. For $15 a month you can become a part of their subscription service and try new natural beauty, each and every month!

This link takes you to the GGB site for you to subscribe.

With the New Year celebrations just past, now is a good time to start anew!

In the January 2012 GGB here’s what was inside:

Body Products-

  • Gabriel Organics Seaweed Bath & Shower Gel  -  A purifying cleanser that eliminates environmental impurities from the body.
  • Pevonia De-Aging Saltmousse & Body Balm  -  A 2 step process sample
  1. A fluffy saltmousse body polish that removes impurities & toxins from the skin.
  2. A body balm enriched with collagen and elastin leaves skin replenished and repaired.
  • Verde Soy Natural Candle  -  (not pictured)  I received a tea-light candle in this GGB and immediately lit it! I love candles. The candle smelled really pretty and light, but the wick was defective and the candle lasted for maybe 10 minutes… 

Beauty Products-

  • Dermae Microderm Abrasion Scrub  -  A crystal blend system scrub that re-textures skin by removing dead skin cells.
  • L’uvalla Hydrating Milk Cleanser  -  Milk cleansers are great for drier skin, as it is moisturizing while it cleanses the skin.
  • Savvy Boheme Facial Trivium  -  A 3 part system
  1. Africian Black Soap  -  Facial cleanser
  2. Raw Sugar Scrub  -  Exfoliates and removes dirt 
  3. Raven’s Balm  -  Moisturizes and protects skin

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Green Grab Bag December 2011

Winter weather can leave your skin really dry, especially when you go from the outside cold air to the indoor heated comfort of home. Green Grab Bag has made the December bag a much needed gift of comfort and joy for the skin!

Better Botanicals Clarifying Facial Scrub  -  a dual purpose cleanser that is gentle enough to use every day.

Essence of Vali Sleep Oil  -  Rest and relaxation is just a pillow away. This sleep oil will help you drift away, no sheep required.

Kohana Face & Body Products  -  A vacation from the winter cold, via some amazing Hawaiian beauty products.

Golden Path Alchemy Serums  -  This serum gives your skin much needed therapy, helping to minimize scars and stretch marks.

Juara Sweet Black Tea & Rice Facial Moisturizer  -  This moisturizer helps boost skins natural radiance  and is super hydrating.

Sumbody Milky Rich Soap  -  (not pictured)  I really like goat’s milk soap, It’s great for dry and sensitive skin, and lathers nicely. Keep your soap on a soap stand, so it doesn’t sit in water. This soap goes a long way!

If you want to subscribe to GGB follow the link for $15 a month you too can also try new natural health and beauty products all year long!

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