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Eco-Emi August 2012

The last Eco-Emi box for the summer had some wonderful natural products! One thing I also really enjoy about the Eco-Emi box is how everything is packaged like little gifts, and the product info card is always eye catching!

  • Hugo Naturals  French Lavender Essential Calming Mist
  • Orchard body glitter by Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques   —  sparkle and shimmer with natural minerals
  • Tin Slider Lip Balm in French Vanilla   —  super cute and multi-purpose balm
  • Organic Hydrating Sugar Scrub by Moody Sisters —  100% organic and made with vegan ingredients
  • Himalayan Rose Soap by Auromere Ayurvedic
  • Soothing Organic Milk & Oat Bath w/ Calming Chamomile by Aura Cacia
  • Organic Raw Pecan Butter by Artisana
  • Cool Calm & Collected Citrus Mint hand & body lotion by Better Life
  • French Green Clay Facial Mask by Rainbow Research Coorporation
  • Lettuce Mesclun Q’s Special Medley Organic Seeds by Botanical Interests
  • Herb Packet Sampler with recipe cards

Lots of great natural and organic products for all facets of your daily life. Get your Eco-Emi box by signing up at

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who likes free stuff??

I know I like free stuff, and I also like trying new things. 

Jen-erous begins with JEN (that’s me) and so I’ve been thinking… “What should I do with some of the extra stuff I have from all my many box kit subscription services?”  And then my husband said, “You should do a give away!” To which I said, “Was I thinking out loud?”

Our little moment has transpired into the very first (let’s see if anyone would be interested in) give away. I’m giving away a box to one lucky person. The BOXACROSS BOX give away will contain 5+ items from some of the various subscription services that I get every month. Who knows what will be inside? 

  • Maybe a Julep Nail Polish
  • Maybe skincare products from BirchBox
  • Maybe beauty products from My Glam
  • Maybe natural products from Eco Emi
  • Maybe eco-friendly products from Conscious Box
  • Maybe vegan skin care from Green Grab Bag
  • Maybe fragrance from GoodeBox

Once the winner has been chosen and the box has been sent, I’ll post a photo of what was inside!  If you’re interested and want to win, make sure you’re following my blog and comment on this post. If more people are interested, there might even be a second box!! 

So tell your friends about my little blog, tell them to follow and enter to win… 

To enter - subscribe to my “newsletter” - one luck person will be chosen at random for my first super duper special give away…  (click this link to subscribe to my newsletter and be eligible for the giveaway)

Did I mention that it’s a FREE giveaway? I’ll even pay shipping (postage) to anywhere in the USA!

I’m still working out the date for when the winner will be chosen, but go ahead and sign up so you don’t miss out. One entry per person, once the winner is chosen I will contact them to get the mailing address and announce the winner!!

Who’s excited about this? I know I am!

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Conscious Box August 2012

  • Chicken Poop lip junk  (this sounds exciting - contains no actual poop!!)
  • Weleda Pomegranate Firming Serum (deluxe size)
  • Crispy Mango  freeze dried mangoes
  • Wexy biodegradable snack bags
  • Natural Vitality  Kids Natural Calm Multi Supplement
  • berryplus  laundry soap sample (2 loads)
  • Honest Kids Goodness Grape drink pouch
  • Think Thin Crunch  blueberry & mixed nuts
  • Think Thin Crunch nutrition bar
  • Go Raw  real live apricot bar
  • St. Claire’s Organics  Watermelon tarts candy
  • Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers

This was a great way to start our BTS (back to school) box revirews! Lots of goodies that were good for both me and my daughter Lizzy! I like when I get stuff in my subscription boxes that my kiddo can use too!! Fun for the whole family!! LOL

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Conscious Box July 2012

I am never disappointed when I open my Conscious Box every month.

Tea Forte sample pack  (flavors included: cherry marzipan, cucumber mint & honey yuzu)

Powbab   boabab superfruit chews

St. Claire’s Organic  Peppermints

Mughty Leaf Tea  Iced Tea  in Calypso Mango

The All Natural Face  - eyes shadow in Fairy Mist

Betty Lou’s Just Great Stuff Organic Superberry Acai organic bar

Sun Warrior  Warrior Blend Raw Protein in Vanilla

Enzyme Fresh Home — floor cleaner

Jadience Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream

Madhava Natural Sweetener  Organic Coconut Sugar

GoGo Squeeze  apple-mango applesauce on the go

Aura Cacia  Aromatherapy Deck

Sweet Orange essential oil  

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Green Grab Bag June 2012

Green Grab Bag, a monthly service that delivers eco-friendly skincare and health care products right to your mail box for just $15 a month. Sign up now at

Here’s the June 2012 haul:

Brigit True Organics Magic Skin Balm  -  healing salve

Glam Nation Eye & Make-up Remover  -  organic cleanser

Pangea Organics Facial Scrub

Journey’s Mother Lotion Pellets  -  melting pellets that cleanse skin

Organic Indulgences Lip Butter  -  in chocolate mint flavor

Earthen Spice balm from Lily of Hawaii 

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Conscious Box June 2012 *MYSTERY

In the beginning of June I answered a survey for Conscious Box. I am happy to say that I am the proud recipient of a CB MYSTERY EXTRA BOX!!

This is a grab box of many of the items that CB has sent out over the last few months. There are a lot of great things inside and many things that I was more than happy to get again!! 

This box didn’t come with a card of products but here’s what I got:

  • Vega One all in one nutritional shake in chocolate
  • Natural Vitality rip & sip nutrapack - made with 28 organic and natural foods
  • Dr Tung’s snap on tooth brush sanitizers
  • LaraBar in carrot cake
  • Nuti-Masu  Life Ocean Salt
  • Parsley Plus all surface cleaner
  • Vita Rocks — vitamins that pop (for adults) in lemon burst and cherry blast
  • Sparkle Hearts Shine Shampoo
  • Vaska laundry detergent sample
  • Climb On Intensive Skin Repair sample bar
  • Mighty Leaf Organic tea in Earl Grey and Spring Jasmine
  • Savvy Boheme  sample size all natural deodorant in peppermint & rosemary
  • Mate Factor Yerba Mate Chai and Lemon Ginger drink
  • KO Denmark  body lotion moisturizer with jasmine, neroli and rose
  • Natural Newborn  sample of bug stopper soap
  • emerginC scientific organics kombucha cleanser

Don’t you just love mystery boxes? I know I sure do. To get Conscious Box delivered go to 

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Conscious Box June 2012

This month’s Conscious Box has some great treats! Also lot’s of energy boosters to help me keep up with my 5 year old Lizzy!

Inside my June 2012 CB:

  • Vega  all in one nutritional shake chocolate  -  dairy, gluten and soy free and no sugar added
  • Artisana  -  sample of cashew butter 100% organic
  • EBOOST  -  natural energy healthy shot
  • KO Denmark  body lotion (jasmine, neroli & rose)
  • Nutri-Mase Life Ocean Salt  -  one of the healthiest, purest salt in the world
  • LaraBar  in blueberry muffin
  • Mighty Leaf  -  handpicked organic tea blends in Earl Gray and Spring Jasmine
  • Natural Vitality  Natural Energy rip and sip nutri pack 28 natural and organic foods dietary supplement
  • Savvy Boheme  -  mini stick natural deodorant in peppermint & rosemary
  • Vita Rocks  - Vitamins that pop!! (for adults)
  • The Natural Newborn  -  sample bug stopper soap
  • Kelp Krunch  -  Original sesame seaweed energy bar (organic, gluten free and vegan product)

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Conscious Box May 2012

Happy Mother’s day to all you mom’s. This month’s Conscious Box has lots of things to make mom’s every day a little more eco-friendly.

Every month, Conscious Box delivers green minded, eco-friendly products. These boxes are always filled to the rim with all sorts of great things! 

In the May CB here’s what was inside:

Better Life moisturizer

CANFO Natural Products  Flush Me —  a natural vegan body flush

Good Nature Tea  in cranberry

Mayesa  a chocolaty non-dairy drink (dairy free, soy free and gluten free) i drank this cold and it was pretty good. 

Natural Vitality  a liquid organic supplement 

Ultima Replenisher  A healthy vegan drink made with real fruit

Mate Factor  a refreshingly different hot beverage that is LIKE coffee and tea, but it’s not!

Vaska  a hypo-allergenic laundry soap 

Bambooee  a certified organic reusable bamboo towel (one sheet is said to last up to a week and a half)

Wembe  an organic, vegan and earth-friendly soap

Dr Tung’s  antibacterial tooth brush sanitizers - fun for the whole family 

Go greener and try new eco-friendly products, subscribe to Conscious Box today! Your mother and mother Earth would approve ;P

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Julep Polish Sofia

I opted in for the surprise St. Patricks Day box from the Julep Maven program in March 2012.

I just noticed last night something very special about one of the nail polishes… it glows in the dark. 

The color is called Sofia, a very sheer spring green with aqua sparkles. Alone the color isn’t really all that great, what I mean is it’s not very flattering when worn alone on your nails. But I like to try every color out and see how it goes on before layering. I like using it as a top coat with darker colors like  Elizabeth and give some extra sparkle.

The added bonus with this color is that it GLOWS in the dark! When worn alone on nails, 2-3 coats, you get some fun glowing nails. It doesn’t glow as much when put on as a top coat. But since it wasn’t marked as a GITD nail product, I consider that a little bonus. My daughter loved seeing my glowing nails when I put her to bed last night! :) 

Get your first Julep box for a penny using coupon code COLOR2012 at check out —just follow my referral link to get started

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