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who likes free stuff??

I know I like free stuff, and I also like trying new things. 

Jen-erous begins with JEN (that’s me) and so I’ve been thinking… “What should I do with some of the extra stuff I have from all my many box kit subscription services?”  And then my husband said, “You should do a give away!” To which I said, “Was I thinking out loud?”

Our little moment has transpired into the very first (let’s see if anyone would be interested in) give away. I’m giving away a box to one lucky person. The BOXACROSS BOX give away will contain 5+ items from some of the various subscription services that I get every month. Who knows what will be inside? 

  • Maybe a Julep Nail Polish
  • Maybe skincare products from BirchBox
  • Maybe beauty products from My Glam
  • Maybe natural products from Eco Emi
  • Maybe eco-friendly products from Conscious Box
  • Maybe vegan skin care from Green Grab Bag
  • Maybe fragrance from GoodeBox

Once the winner has been chosen and the box has been sent, I’ll post a photo of what was inside!  If you’re interested and want to win, make sure you’re following my blog and comment on this post. If more people are interested, there might even be a second box!! 

So tell your friends about my little blog, tell them to follow and enter to win… 

To enter - subscribe to my “newsletter” - one luck person will be chosen at random for my first super duper special give away…  (click this link to subscribe to my newsletter and be eligible for the giveaway)

Did I mention that it’s a FREE giveaway? I’ll even pay shipping (postage) to anywhere in the USA!

I’m still working out the date for when the winner will be chosen, but go ahead and sign up so you don’t miss out. One entry per person, once the winner is chosen I will contact them to get the mailing address and announce the winner!!

Who’s excited about this? I know I am!

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Handmade Tea August 2012

Tea party anyone? Well if you are a tea drinker, bored with the ho-hum selection at the supermarkets, check out this artisan tea company called Handmade Tea Just follow my link and tell Caleb, jenny @ boxacross sent ya!!

This is the August 2012 HMT selection. Say hello the the Mighty Aphrodite tea. This is a mild smokey tea that is complimented by rose hips and rosemary. I think this tea is a great going into fall tea, a little smokey and it a bit of sweetness from the rose hips and warmth from the rosemary. 

Now when my husband Josh saw this tea, he must have been reading my mind. I am a tea drinking gal, but I also have been known to cook with tea. And so @joshtronic says to me, “ooohhh this would be good as a BBQ dry rub base for some grilled chicken!” While I was thinking, “Add some s&p and maybe fresh garlic and you have yourself a rub.” Then we started talking about using the Mighty Aphrodite tea in a focaccia bread (we happened to already be proofing a loaf of bread for tonight’s dinner) so next weekend we may be posting a recipes for the home made bread and the BBQ rub if we decide to do it. 

I’ll be tasting this along with the tasting video that Caleb puts up every month for the tea selection. 

So stay posted on what what else we do with the tea! This is another winner in our book!

nice job caleb @handmadetea

*note, I noted the past 2 months the tea tin labels do not have the steeping info on the tin… i miss that.

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Handmade Tea July 2012

I like mint, a lot! Mint chocolate is my favorite ice-cream. So naturally I was excited to see that this month’s Handmade Tea was a mint flavored tea!

Now as you can see the Yerba Mate is a very fine chop tea leaf. Thankfully in the first Handmade Tea shipment, Caleb made sure to include a mini micro tea strainer which came in hand when I made this tea.

Along side the fine cut tea leaves, were some beautiful organically grown chocolate mint leaves and dried elderberries.

This tea was really mild, it was nice - nothing overly minty or chocolately. I happen to love mint tea so I would have liked it to me a little MORE minty, but the chocolate mint has a much milder mint flavor than peppermint or spearmint.

This photo came out fuzzy, but I wanted to show you the tin.

So if you love tea as much as I do, go subscribe to Handmade Teas today, follow my link so Caleb knows that I sent ya!

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HandMade Tea June 2012

This month handmade tea sent a smokin’ tea!! No not really, but they did send a great smoked tea!

The Smoked Lemon Thyme tea was a new flavor configuration that I had never tried before. Now the smoked tea wasn’t my personal favorite for sipping or drinking, so *pun intended, it wasn’t my cup of tea. HOWEVER, I’m ok with that BECAUSE… when I first saw this tea I had other plans for it.

Yes, ulterior motives, indeed.

Let me explain. When I saw this tea offering, I didn’t Immediately think oooohhhh sipping this will be all round and smokey like a good whiskey, scotch or brandy… which I think it would be, BUT I thought, “I’m so going to cook with this!” The tea leaves had a fragrant smokiness to them, there were large chunks of dried lemon peel and some beautiful dried thyme leaves… the prettiest thyme I’ve ever seen!

So here is what I ended up doing with the Smoked Lemon Thyme loose tea.

In a mortar & pestle I crushed the tea with some crushed black pepper and kosher salt. Once the leaves were a third of their regular size, I was done. I didn’t turn them into dust, just wanted to break them up a bit and also crush the lemon peel a bit. I kept this “experiment” as simple and true to what was originally sent.

I cleaned and deboned the fish filet, drizzled and rubbed it with some olive oil and then sprinkled the crushed tea leaves over the piece of fish (red grouper). The filet was topped with a few thin slices of fresh lemon and baked at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. I served it with fresh zucchini and edamame.

Dinner was really great! The smokiness of the tea imparted a smokey flavor to the fish without being too overpowering, and the lemon and thyme kept the flavor bright and summery! 

If you’re interested in a great monthly tea service, follow my referral link and check out HandMade Tea for yourself!

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Hand Made Tea - April 2012

Tonight I’m enjoying a NEW box subscription service.

The service is called Hand Made Tea, an artisan tea of the month club. My husband came across this company through a friend of a friend on the twitter, then sent me the company linkand the rest is history!

I went to the site and was able to chat with Caleb, the proprietor, creator and man behind the teas. He was so informative, helpful and personable, and great customer service goes a LONG way with me so of course I had to subscribe!

Here’s my referral link if you are looking for a high quality tea that is presented with consideration!!

The teas are shipped the first week of every month. And the tea tin has approximately 30 cups of tea to brew. There are a few different options for billing and pricing, you can find on the websiteAND… if you have any questions about the service or tea, Caleb is right there to chat with you and answer all your questions. How cool is that?

Let me just say that the packaging is so incredible. It’s so nice, nice enough to gift just as it is sent! Yes it’s that nice. Included in our first tea subscription was a micro strainer and small saucer to place it in. I just love the attention to detail!

What makes this a truly special experience is how thoughtfully put together the monthly tea offerings are. The April 2012 tea selection named Garden Rooibosch is a perfect spring time blend. Green Rooibos tea, coupled with Elder Flower and Orange Peel is a wonderful combination to celebrate spring. This is a smooth tea that is sweet and citrusy, without being overpowering. And the flavors blend well together.

What I really liked about Hand Made Tea was the personalization of the product. Having each component of the tea in a separate little tin, allowed me to see and smell the quality of each of the ingredients. On the outside of the tea tin are brewing suggestions, taking the guess work out of that age old question, “How long should I steep this tea for?”

What sets Hand Made Tea apart from other services is how special you feel when getting your box. Inside the box isn’t just the amazing tea, but something a little more heartfelt. The wax sealed envelope contains a welcome note about Hand made Tea and their mission, an information card on the artist of the month that did the artwork for the tea box, and a card with brewing suggestions, and tasting notes and a link to a taste along video. (I’m going to do that soon, so I can not only enjoy the tea, but maybe learn something about it!) 

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