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Handmade Tea July 2012

I like mint, a lot! Mint chocolate is my favorite ice-cream. So naturally I was excited to see that this month’s Handmade Tea was a mint flavored tea!

Now as you can see the Yerba Mate is a very fine chop tea leaf. Thankfully in the first Handmade Tea shipment, Caleb made sure to include a mini micro tea strainer which came in hand when I made this tea.

Along side the fine cut tea leaves, were some beautiful organically grown chocolate mint leaves and dried elderberries.

This tea was really mild, it was nice - nothing overly minty or chocolately. I happen to love mint tea so I would have liked it to me a little MORE minty, but the chocolate mint has a much milder mint flavor than peppermint or spearmint.

This photo came out fuzzy, but I wanted to show you the tin.

So if you love tea as much as I do, go subscribe to Handmade Teas today, follow my link so Caleb knows that I sent ya!

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Eco Emi June 2012

Natural products are what you’ll find in your monthly Eco Emi box. 

This month had a Parisian theme, very chic and feminine with a healthy twist!

  • Eco Tints Naturally Glistening Lip Moisturizer in coralyte
  • Vitamin Toothpaste by Vitacare  -  cool mint freshness with Acai
  • Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Calypso Mango  -  artisan whole leaf tea
  • Deodorant by Rain Water Botanicals in Jasmine Wind  -  A natural deodorant made with organic ingredients
  • Organic Orchard Pear & Fig body balm by Organic Indulgence  -  hydrates and nourishes skin
  • Amazing Meal in Pomegranate Mango by Amazing Grass  -  convenient on the go purse sized meal solutions
  • Organic Pure Stevia Sweetener by Pyure  -  natural zero  calorie sweetener  
  • Organic Life Vitamins by Natural Vitality  -  liquid vitamin solution
  • Energy 28 by Natural Vitality  -  a natural energy host the healthy way

So as you can see, there were some great goodies in this month’s box.  Lot’s of healthy and natural things to try and I got all this for $15 a month…

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HandMade Tea June 2012

This month handmade tea sent a smokin’ tea!! No not really, but they did send a great smoked tea!

The Smoked Lemon Thyme tea was a new flavor configuration that I had never tried before. Now the smoked tea wasn’t my personal favorite for sipping or drinking, so *pun intended, it wasn’t my cup of tea. HOWEVER, I’m ok with that BECAUSE… when I first saw this tea I had other plans for it.

Yes, ulterior motives, indeed.

Let me explain. When I saw this tea offering, I didn’t Immediately think oooohhhh sipping this will be all round and smokey like a good whiskey, scotch or brandy… which I think it would be, BUT I thought, “I’m so going to cook with this!” The tea leaves had a fragrant smokiness to them, there were large chunks of dried lemon peel and some beautiful dried thyme leaves… the prettiest thyme I’ve ever seen!

So here is what I ended up doing with the Smoked Lemon Thyme loose tea.

In a mortar & pestle I crushed the tea with some crushed black pepper and kosher salt. Once the leaves were a third of their regular size, I was done. I didn’t turn them into dust, just wanted to break them up a bit and also crush the lemon peel a bit. I kept this “experiment” as simple and true to what was originally sent.

I cleaned and deboned the fish filet, drizzled and rubbed it with some olive oil and then sprinkled the crushed tea leaves over the piece of fish (red grouper). The filet was topped with a few thin slices of fresh lemon and baked at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. I served it with fresh zucchini and edamame.

Dinner was really great! The smokiness of the tea imparted a smokey flavor to the fish without being too overpowering, and the lemon and thyme kept the flavor bright and summery! 

If you’re interested in a great monthly tea service, follow my referral link and check out HandMade Tea for yourself!

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Java Juice + Good Kind Natural Coffee Creamer

Today I’m starting my day off with 2 great Conscious Box products! 

Java Juice is a liquid coffee extract you add to either hot or cold water for an instant coffee experience. It’s that easy! It’s USDA organic and made in the USA. Java Juice Inc is committed to equitable and sustainable coffee buying practices, and is part of the fair trade movement. So not only do you feel good about drinking this coffee, but you can feel good knowing that you’re making a conscious decision to support a company that is doing something good.

Good Kind Natural Coffee Creamer is a great natural creamer additive for your morning cuppa joe. Made with non fat dried milk and organic sugar, it dissolves best in hot coffee, which is how I used it.

Everything tastes good in my PUG mug! Armed with my Java Juice, Good Kind Creamer and a little extra sugar, I’m ready to start my day! I’m heading to Busch Gardens, so I’ll need that extra bit of sugar to keep up with Lizzy today!

Want to subscribe to Conscious Box - follow the link!

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Conscious Box March 2012

Here’s the March 2012 Conscious Box

Inside there were lots of goodies. This was a box with all edible products, and many were natural and gluten free.

MixtBag  -  stone ground yellow and blue tortilla chips. These were delicious, all natural and gluten free. I’ll be looking for these at the store!!

Tea Forte Mints  ginger pear  -  made with fair trade and organic ingredients

EBOOST  -  all natural pink lemonade flavored energy and immunity drink

Crunch Masters Multi-grain crackers  -  gluten-free multi-grain crackers, made with 100% whole grains, cholesterol free, saturated fat free and low in sodium

Olbas Lozenges  -  Herbal throat lozenges drop

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds  -  Yellow Wonder Wild Strawberry

Java Juice  -  Original liquid coffee extract  USDA Organic  anti-oxidant rich, sugar free and fat free, made in the USA

Good Kind  Natural Coffee Creamer  -  free of: GMO, gluten, trans-fat, artificial color or flavor and no preservatives

Olivella  bath and shower gel  -  made with 100% Italian virgin Olive Oil

Healthy To Go!  Acai Energy Boost  -  Instant energy drink, add to water

Want to get a Conscience Box too?

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MixtBag tortilla chips

For lunch today, we made nachos with some leftover taco meat, cabot sharp cheddar cheese and MixtBag tortilla chips.

RW Garcia makes a special recipe tortilla, the MixtBag that we received from our March 2012 Conscious Box has yellow and blue tortilla chips.

What makes these chips different is that they are all natural, contain no trans fats and are gluten free. We don’t have any food allergies but we always like to try new things. 

The real test is asking Lizzy (she’s almost 5) what she thought about the chips. 

Lizzy says, “The chips are tasty and really crunchy, and not too salty.” 

What I liked about them is the list of ingredients- everything can be pronounced: stone ground yellow corn, stone ground blue corn, sunflower oil or corn oil, sea salt, water and a trace of lime. 

So thanks to the Conscious Box, we had a yummy addition to our homemade nachos! 

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Green Grab Bag vs Conscious Box 2012

Green Grab Bag vs Conscious Box 2012

Let me be clear, I’m NOT saying one is better than the other.

I wanted to showcase 2 companies Green Grab Bag vs Conscious Box  side by side so you can see 2 great eco-friendly subscription services.

That being said, I took photos of my most recent shipments from GGB and CB - side by side, just so you can see both and how they stack up, and what each has to offer.

I won’t be listing individual items in this post- they will be in a separate post for each shipment received.


This is what each was shipped in

  • the GGB weighed 1lb  cost was $15 with shipping included
  • the CB was 13oz  cost was $12 + $7 shipping = $19 total

Here’s a photo of the packaging inside each box.


Here’s what I received inside each bag/box

What I will say is this: THIS MONTH

  • GGB offers more beauty, skin care and fragrance products, many are natural, organic and vegan, and is packaged ready to gift!
  • CB offers more edible treats, many that are natural, vegan and gluten free, and came with a bunch of additional coupons.

To subscribe to either- follow my links:



Want to know more about what exactly was in each box? In the next few days I’ll post what I received in a separate post.

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BirchBox January 2012

Happy New Year! 

Here’s the first BB of 2012- that has a theme of renewal, positivity and clarity.

Now I want to let you know that as soon as I opened this box, Lizzy was already claiming dibs on the LaraBar… You may notice that there’s no LaraBar (which was the BB extra for this month) in my photo. Lizzy saw it and said, “OH mommy, BirchBox sent me a snack!” How could I argue? After all, she gets as excited as I do when we get our boxes. (That’s right “our” boxes!)

What I will say is that Lizzy really liked the LaraBar, which provided to be a very wholesome and delicious natural snack for her. Made with just 3 ingredients, it’s a healthy alternative to many of the junk food granola bars on the market these days.

Here’s the scoop on the January 2012 BirchBox:

Clark’s Botanicals  Smoothing Marine Cream  -  Love at first sight! I love this moisturizer! This moisturizer contains glycolic acid so it gently exfoliates while moisturizing. My skin felt so good and looked great after using this moisturizer for a week! On my wish list for sure. 

Fix Malibu  Immaculate Complexion Smoothing Serum  -  An anti-oxident rich serum to brighten skin tone and soften wrinkles.

Miracle Skin Transformer  Treat & Conceal  -  Concealer that treats as it conceals!

stila  Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner  -  in Peacock!  Bright peacock blue liner, is a perfect way to start the year with a fashion forward style. (full sized product is $20 so it paid for the box for sure!)

This was a great way to start the year with BirchBox. Lots of HIGH END cosmetics, and full sized beauty from stila, makes me look forward to the rest of 2012 and all the stuff BirchBox has in store for us!

If you haven’t gotten on the BB wagon yet, follow my referral link and get started for $10 a month!!

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