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Eco Emi June 2012

Natural products are what you’ll find in your monthly Eco Emi box. 

This month had a Parisian theme, very chic and feminine with a healthy twist!

  • Eco Tints Naturally Glistening Lip Moisturizer in coralyte
  • Vitamin Toothpaste by Vitacare  -  cool mint freshness with Acai
  • Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Calypso Mango  -  artisan whole leaf tea
  • Deodorant by Rain Water Botanicals in Jasmine Wind  -  A natural deodorant made with organic ingredients
  • Organic Orchard Pear & Fig body balm by Organic Indulgence  -  hydrates and nourishes skin
  • Amazing Meal in Pomegranate Mango by Amazing Grass  -  convenient on the go purse sized meal solutions
  • Organic Pure Stevia Sweetener by Pyure  -  natural zero  calorie sweetener  
  • Organic Life Vitamins by Natural Vitality  -  liquid vitamin solution
  • Energy 28 by Natural Vitality  -  a natural energy host the healthy way

So as you can see, there were some great goodies in this month’s box.  Lot’s of healthy and natural things to try and I got all this for $15 a month…

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Conscious Box June 2012 *MYSTERY

In the beginning of June I answered a survey for Conscious Box. I am happy to say that I am the proud recipient of a CB MYSTERY EXTRA BOX!!

This is a grab box of many of the items that CB has sent out over the last few months. There are a lot of great things inside and many things that I was more than happy to get again!! 

This box didn’t come with a card of products but here’s what I got:

  • Vega One all in one nutritional shake in chocolate
  • Natural Vitality rip & sip nutrapack - made with 28 organic and natural foods
  • Dr Tung’s snap on tooth brush sanitizers
  • LaraBar in carrot cake
  • Nuti-Masu  Life Ocean Salt
  • Parsley Plus all surface cleaner
  • Vita Rocks — vitamins that pop (for adults) in lemon burst and cherry blast
  • Sparkle Hearts Shine Shampoo
  • Vaska laundry detergent sample
  • Climb On Intensive Skin Repair sample bar
  • Mighty Leaf Organic tea in Earl Grey and Spring Jasmine
  • Savvy Boheme  sample size all natural deodorant in peppermint & rosemary
  • Mate Factor Yerba Mate Chai and Lemon Ginger drink
  • KO Denmark  body lotion moisturizer with jasmine, neroli and rose
  • Natural Newborn  sample of bug stopper soap
  • emerginC scientific organics kombucha cleanser

Don’t you just love mystery boxes? I know I sure do. To get Conscious Box delivered go to 

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Conscious Box June 2012

This month’s Conscious Box has some great treats! Also lot’s of energy boosters to help me keep up with my 5 year old Lizzy!

Inside my June 2012 CB:

  • Vega  all in one nutritional shake chocolate  -  dairy, gluten and soy free and no sugar added
  • Artisana  -  sample of cashew butter 100% organic
  • EBOOST  -  natural energy healthy shot
  • KO Denmark  body lotion (jasmine, neroli & rose)
  • Nutri-Mase Life Ocean Salt  -  one of the healthiest, purest salt in the world
  • LaraBar  in blueberry muffin
  • Mighty Leaf  -  handpicked organic tea blends in Earl Gray and Spring Jasmine
  • Natural Vitality  Natural Energy rip and sip nutri pack 28 natural and organic foods dietary supplement
  • Savvy Boheme  -  mini stick natural deodorant in peppermint & rosemary
  • Vita Rocks  - Vitamins that pop!! (for adults)
  • The Natural Newborn  -  sample bug stopper soap
  • Kelp Krunch  -  Original sesame seaweed energy bar (organic, gluten free and vegan product)

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BirchBox December 2011

Have I mentioned that I love getting these box subscriptions? It’s like Christmas all year round!

The best thing is opening up a box and seeing things that you’re beyond excited to try. Maybe because you’ve heard of a product; maybe you’ve read a review and are wanting to try it out (but don’t want to commit to buying a full sized prduct) and maybe there’s something that you would have never thought to try, and then you do… and you LOVE it.

I know that was a really long sentence, but you know what I’m talking about!

If you aren’t a subscriber to BB - follow my referral link   What are you waiting for? It’s only $10 a month, shipping is free and look what you’re in for!! ;) 

Benefit Cosmetics  The POREfessional  -  This make up primer product diminishes the appearance of pores and goes on velvety smooth. I use this product on my cheeks where I have a few large to medium pores, it really does a great job diminishing them, I put it on before my tinted moisturizer and follow with powder.

Harvey Prince  Ageless Perfume  -  This is a pretty light fruity scent, with energizing grapefruit. I love light fruity scents. 

Jouer  Moisturizing Lip Gloss in BirchBox Pink  -  OK, when I saw this hot pink gloss I was really afraid I was going to look like a circus clown. BUT… I’m adventurous and always like to try new looks. This is such a pretty gloss that is buildable. I like to wear it sheer (one coat) and it really perks me up. I never thought I’d be wearing hot pink gloss, but thanks to BirchBox, I am now! 

Orofluido  Beauty Elixir  -  This is literally liquid gold for your hair. I love the non-greasy feeling of this elixir and I love how my hair shines when using Orofluido. A little goes a long way!

This month BB was generous and there were 2 extras in my box!

PREP ShowStoppers  Designer Fashion Tape  -  just in time for that holiday party, the double sided tape keeps clothes perfectly in place. (no wardrobe malfunctions)

RECHARGE EBOOST  -  Orange Natural Energy Drink  -  (not pictured)  I drank half of this and had energy all day long. It got me through Lizzy’s dance rehearsal and some holiday shopping! 

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EBOOST pink lemonade

I don’t drink energy drinks all the time.

Maybe I should start, because I felt like I got a lot done today (I washed all 3 pugs!!) maybe because I was super energized thanks to the EBOOST all natural pink lemonade flavored drink thanks to my Conscious Box from March 2012.

Add the EBOOST packet to water (make sure if it’s a bottled water you take a few sips out- this drink effervesces so you won’t want it to overflow like a volcano!) then shake and drink to mix it up with the water.

With 1000mg of vitamin C and 2500 mcgs of B-12, sweetened with stevia, this low sodium supplement really does the job.

I was really energized all day, didn’t feel all shakey or hyper and didn’t crash at the end of the day!

I didn’t finish the drink, I drank more than half of it… it was tart, a little too tart, but since I don’t really do energy drinks I wasn’t sure what to expect! 

Want to try out new products? Check out Conscious Box by following the link

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