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Beauty Army June and July 2012

This month I decided to opt out for my June  and July kits from Beauty Army. So this post won’t have any of my “fantastic” photos or a write up about products… lol

The reason for skipping the past 2 months? Well I have so many great samples from all my BOXES from all the MANY subscription services, and only so much skin! So over the summer I’m cutting back where I can, so I can give each product a chance and hopefully write a few more product reviews rather than box haul reviews.

What I will say about the skip a month process is that Beauty Army makes it fairly easy to do. I skipped my June kit, and since it’s an automatic withdrawal, after the 5 day selection period was over, my $12 was quickly refunded to me. I really can’t say enough great things about Beauty Army and their customer service. I sent an email just to make sure I did everything right when  skipping and got a very prompt and friendly response! I like that, I like that a LOT! I just skipped the July kit, so I already know the drill. 

So if you’re new to the box subscription services, there are a lot of them to choose from. I would definitely give Beauty Army a try, it’s only $12 a month! Follow my referral link to get started

Want to see what I’ve received over the past few months? Just check out my boxacross blog here!!

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Beauty Army May 2012

Reporting for Beauty ma’am!

Beauty Army is a monthly beauty subscription service where you are presented with 9 items to choose 4-6 deluxe samples from. You always know what you’re getting and you can tailor your kit to fit your beauty needs for that month. To enroll- follow my referral link to get started:

For the month of May, here’s what I chose:

  • ClickR  -  No more derma drama  - i get the occasional blemish and this stuff really works fast
  • Clear Prep FX  -  anti shine and pore minimizing make-up primer
  • Weleda  Almond Cleansing Lotion  -  great for sensitive skin
  • Pink Sugar  eua de toilette 
  • Kellette Skin Care  Clarifying Acne treatment
  • MAD defense Eye Serum

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Beauty Army April 2012

Hello Gorgeous!

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! I wanted to post my April Beauty Army haul and show what I chose this month. If you aren’t a part of the Beauty Army subscription service, what are you waiting for? You get to choose up to 6 samples for just $12 so follow my link and get started this month!

Karuna  Brightening Treatment Mask  -  an all bio-degradable natural fiber cloth that delivers paraben-free skin ingredients.

Aquolina  Pink Sugar Body Mousse  -  a deliciously sweet mousse in the yummy pink sugar fragrance. I wear pink sugar, it’s so girlie and yummy! 

Indie Lee Lemongrass Body Lotion  -   a generous 2 fl oz sample of a great uplifting lemongrass scented body lotion. 

Cover FX Skin Prep   -  I love 2-in-1 products! This is a foundation primer that also acts ad an anti-aging serum.

My Face Cosmetics   My Mix Foundation in 02 fair  -  a generous 15ml sample size, this foundation gives good coverage and a little goes a long way!

pur~lisse SPF30   pur-protect   -  this is a daily moisturizer with SPF 30, for face- and can be used under make up with out feeling oily or sticky

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Today, my husband brought the mail in… He was quite overwhelmed by all the boxes addressed to me…

From top to bottom we received: Birch Box, Beauty Army and Hand Made Tea subscriptions… Guess what I’ll be going this weekend and over the next couple of days?? That right posting photos and stuff.

And of course Lizzy was there and is excited to get into these boxes too!

Needless to say the boy was intrigued at all the goodies that I got this month. I think it made an impact on him to see multiple boxes arrive.

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Beauty Army Update

Hello Beautiful!

Got an email from Beauty Army about their waitlist… They are now accepting new subscriptions, so if you’re wanting to become part of the BEAUTY ARMY now is the time to sign up.

Just follow my referral link to get started

Just $12 a month and shipping is FREE! and an added bonus: their customer service is really friendly and helpful… and now if you need to skip a month (once signed up) you have that option!

LMK if you use my referral link to join or if you have any questions about Beauty Army or any other subscription services… search my blog for reviews of products and photos!

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Indie Lee coconut citrus body scrub

This is the Indie Lee coconut citrus body scrub that I received in the February 2012 box.

The great thing about these box services is the opportunity to try new products. I love body scrubs, especially sugar scrubs!

I found this scrub to be a little on the dry side, it wasn’t drying to the skin, just didn’t have a good amount of oils in it. Because of that reason, I only used the Indie Lee scrub on my feet. It felt really nice, and the tub wasn’t overly slippery since it wasn’t an overly oily product (great for when you’re in the shower and not wanting to slip). The scent was really nice and perfect for chasing away the winter time blues, you can’t go wrong with coconut in my book!

If you’ve tried any other Indie Lee products- LMK!

If you haven’t joined Beauty Army yet, for $12 a month (free shipping) you can get started here by following my referral link:

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LaRocca Skincare 24K gold exfoliant cleanser

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I wanted to share a review on a little pot of gold that I received in my Beauty Army kit in February 2012.

The LaRocca Skincare 24K gold exfoliant cleanser is a 2-in-1, which I love. This creamy cleanser a has micro fine exfoliant that is super gentle, gentle enough for daily use. The cleanser cleans the skin and the exfoliant removes the dull surface skin. 

After using it for almost a week now, I can say that the cleanser feels good on the skin and my face and neck feels good afterwards. Not dry or tight or greasy. My face looks bright and refreshed. 

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Beauty Army March 2012

Beauty Army delivers up to 6 items - you choose from your hand selected options. 

Not only are the Boxes super cute- black on the outside and pink camouflage on the inside, but I’ve been using them to organize my drawers and stuff! 

So here’s what I chose for March 2012

M.A.D. skincare Anti-Aging Transforming Daily Moisturizer  

Cell Ceuticals biomedical skin treatment  -  CerActive Moisture + Barrier Repair Skin Treatment

BooBoo Cover Up  

Sun FX Body Shimmer   

BeFine food skin care Night Cream 

Babor Skinivage Anti-Jetlag Cream  

Reviews will follow once I try everything out- Just wanted to post my haul!

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Beauty Army January 2012

We’re in for a BEAUTIFUL year! 

Beauty Army launched 1 January 2012 to 300 lucky subscribers! (I was one of them!) so I got my box in the first wave of shipments! How cool is that?

SO I wanted to post my first box for all to see!

Inside my pink camouflage box were the following:

Chella  Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit  -  A collagen eye mask that firms skin around the eye area to help combat dark circles and puffiness.

SheaTerra  Rose Hips Black Soap  -  10z black facial wash that gently exfoliates, I like 2 in one products!

Lift Lab  Lift and Firm Eye Cream  -  reduces the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, puffiness and fine lines around the eye area.

LaRocca  Pumpkin Fleur de Sel Body Polish  -  OMG this smells like Thanksgiving pumpkin pie, like it smells good enough to eat (but it’s for your body, don’t eat the body polish!)

MyFace Cosmetics  Bling Tone Eye Shadow in  Sp”ice”y  -  This is a beautiful medium brown shadow with golden shimmer, super pretty! 

Wanna get some great goods for only $12 a month, shipped right to you? Follow my referral link

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