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JewelMint FALL 2012

I subscribe to a cool accessory service called JewelMint. Every month I see a special seection of accessories from necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other cool trendy fashions to amp up my wardrobe. 

For the fall I chose a new necklace that I think I’ll end up wearing all year round!

It’s a cool “Pomander Pendant” on a 32” chain that is done in silver and actually opens, to hold a scented cotton ball or anything else small you’d like to hide inside. I’ve been using a cotton puff with some sweet orange essential oil OR some lavender, or vanilla or lemon oil- depending on my mood. It’s nice because the scents aren’t overpowering! I sometimes like to create special scents and wear them in my new necklace! ;)

Want to get this necklace or browse the showroom? Follow my referral link and check it out!

JewelMint packaging is really nice too, see?

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