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Handmade Tea August 2012

Tea party anyone? Well if you are a tea drinker, bored with the ho-hum selection at the supermarkets, check out this artisan tea company called Handmade Tea Just follow my link and tell Caleb, jenny @ boxacross sent ya!!

This is the August 2012 HMT selection. Say hello the the Mighty Aphrodite tea. This is a mild smokey tea that is complimented by rose hips and rosemary. I think this tea is a great going into fall tea, a little smokey and it a bit of sweetness from the rose hips and warmth from the rosemary. 

Now when my husband Josh saw this tea, he must have been reading my mind. I am a tea drinking gal, but I also have been known to cook with tea. And so @joshtronic says to me, “ooohhh this would be good as a BBQ dry rub base for some grilled chicken!” While I was thinking, “Add some s&p and maybe fresh garlic and you have yourself a rub.” Then we started talking about using the Mighty Aphrodite tea in a focaccia bread (we happened to already be proofing a loaf of bread for tonight’s dinner) so next weekend we may be posting a recipes for the home made bread and the BBQ rub if we decide to do it. 

I’ll be tasting this along with the tasting video that Caleb puts up every month for the tea selection. 

So stay posted on what what else we do with the tea! This is another winner in our book!

nice job caleb @handmadetea

*note, I noted the past 2 months the tea tin labels do not have the steeping info on the tin… i miss that.

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