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Handmade Tea July 2012

I like mint, a lot! Mint chocolate is my favorite ice-cream. So naturally I was excited to see that this month’s Handmade Tea was a mint flavored tea!

Now as you can see the Yerba Mate is a very fine chop tea leaf. Thankfully in the first Handmade Tea shipment, Caleb made sure to include a mini micro tea strainer which came in hand when I made this tea.

Along side the fine cut tea leaves, were some beautiful organically grown chocolate mint leaves and dried elderberries.

This tea was really mild, it was nice - nothing overly minty or chocolately. I happen to love mint tea so I would have liked it to me a little MORE minty, but the chocolate mint has a much milder mint flavor than peppermint or spearmint.

This photo came out fuzzy, but I wanted to show you the tin.

So if you love tea as much as I do, go subscribe to Handmade Teas today, follow my link so Caleb knows that I sent ya!

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