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HandMade Tea June 2012

This month handmade tea sent a smokin’ tea!! No not really, but they did send a great smoked tea!

The Smoked Lemon Thyme tea was a new flavor configuration that I had never tried before. Now the smoked tea wasn’t my personal favorite for sipping or drinking, so *pun intended, it wasn’t my cup of tea. HOWEVER, I’m ok with that BECAUSE… when I first saw this tea I had other plans for it.

Yes, ulterior motives, indeed.

Let me explain. When I saw this tea offering, I didn’t Immediately think oooohhhh sipping this will be all round and smokey like a good whiskey, scotch or brandy… which I think it would be, BUT I thought, “I’m so going to cook with this!” The tea leaves had a fragrant smokiness to them, there were large chunks of dried lemon peel and some beautiful dried thyme leaves… the prettiest thyme I’ve ever seen!

So here is what I ended up doing with the Smoked Lemon Thyme loose tea.

In a mortar & pestle I crushed the tea with some crushed black pepper and kosher salt. Once the leaves were a third of their regular size, I was done. I didn’t turn them into dust, just wanted to break them up a bit and also crush the lemon peel a bit. I kept this “experiment” as simple and true to what was originally sent.

I cleaned and deboned the fish filet, drizzled and rubbed it with some olive oil and then sprinkled the crushed tea leaves over the piece of fish (red grouper). The filet was topped with a few thin slices of fresh lemon and baked at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. I served it with fresh zucchini and edamame.

Dinner was really great! The smokiness of the tea imparted a smokey flavor to the fish without being too overpowering, and the lemon and thyme kept the flavor bright and summery! 

If you’re interested in a great monthly tea service, follow my referral link and check out HandMade Tea for yourself!

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