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Beauty Army June and July 2012

This month I decided to opt out for my June  and July kits from Beauty Army. So this post won’t have any of my “fantastic” photos or a write up about products… lol

The reason for skipping the past 2 months? Well I have so many great samples from all my BOXES from all the MANY subscription services, and only so much skin! So over the summer I’m cutting back where I can, so I can give each product a chance and hopefully write a few more product reviews rather than box haul reviews.

What I will say about the skip a month process is that Beauty Army makes it fairly easy to do. I skipped my June kit, and since it’s an automatic withdrawal, after the 5 day selection period was over, my $12 was quickly refunded to me. I really can’t say enough great things about Beauty Army and their customer service. I sent an email just to make sure I did everything right when  skipping and got a very prompt and friendly response! I like that, I like that a LOT! I just skipped the July kit, so I already know the drill. 

So if you’re new to the box subscription services, there are a lot of them to choose from. I would definitely give Beauty Army a try, it’s only $12 a month! Follow my referral link to get started

Want to see what I’ve received over the past few months? Just check out my boxacross blog here!!

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