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Nail Tutorial - easy classy floral

This is my GOTO nail look I usually wear on my toes through out the spring and summer months. I get many compliments on my flowered nails. Everyone always says, “You did those yourself, that looks so hard to do.” I always answer with a, “It’s actually really easy once you know what to do.”

And so… I decided to do a step by step tutorial just so you can see how easy it really is. For this tutorial I’ll be using all JULEP nail colors. Of course you can choose whatever colors you’d like, and by changing the background colors, and the colors for the flowers, you can get so many different looks with this very simple design. 

As always - start off with clean nails that have been filed, shaped and given a clear base coat. 

Here we go:

I’m using JULEP MARIA for the first color as the bottom layer.

The second color is JULEP MAYA do this on half of the nail. (This is where you can have a little artistic freedom and it doesn’t have to be perfect; do just half of the nail right side or left side or even the diagonal tops half of the nail.)

Next we’ll make some flowers using JULEP RACHEL - practice making flowers on a piece of paper a few times just to get the hang of how much polish to use and how close to get the dots…  

Now, flowers are easier than you think. Using a dotting tool make 5 dots in a circle. (If you don’t have a dotting tool you can use the tip of a pencil or the nail polish brush- just make sure not to have too much polish on the brush, you just need enough to make small dots.) Once you have the dots on your nail, take a tooth pick and gently pull from the center of each dot towards the empty space of the circle of flowers.

Next Use JULEP OSCAR in the center of each flower and in a few random places on the nail for the finishing touches.

Finish with a clear top coat and you’re done!

If you’re looking for dotting tools- I got my set off eBay super inexpensive - only $1.99 US dollars and free shipping. They come from China so shipping was about 2 weeks, but worth the wait.

The JULEP colors came in 2 different shipments. Maria and Maya were in my St. Patrick’s Day extra holiday order and Rachel and Oscar came in my February 2012 It Girl box. 

If you’d like to become a Julep Maven - follow my referral link and get started for a penny - use code COLOR2012 at the check out! 

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