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My Glam February 2012

I somehow missed the December launch of My Glam, but got signed up for the January kit and couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been following Michelle Phan for a while now on youtube and am so happy that she’s now a part of my monthly box obsession!

Here’s the deets: for just $10 My Glam sends out a glamourous kit filled with beauty products, hair care, makeup and other goodies for you to try (shipping is included). It comes in a shiny hot pink mailer, and let me tell you, when we heard the mail man pull up my daughter ran to look out the window and said, “mommy there’s something shiny and pink in the mail for us!” She gets just as excited as I do when something arrives!

Here’s what was inside my kit:

Shine Control by X OUT  -This is a dual purpose product, a moisturizer that mattifyes and works as a primer, created by the makers of Pro-Activ

NUME  -Professional Styling Tools & Hair Extentions-  $100 gift card… guess who’s going shopping?

Freeman’s Facial Enzyme Mask in Pineapple  -The pineapple mask is great for exfoliation and leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

NYX Roll on Shimmer  -This is a beauty product safe for eyes face and body. I got the pink color it’s super sparkly and pretty!

Dead Sea Premier  -Cinderella Mask-   This mask reduces fine lines and says the effects lasts for 3 days- I’ll let you know my review once I try it and give you the 3 day follow up.

Ghirardelli Sampler  -Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate-  Nothing’s sweeter than getting delicious chocolates as a little gift!

My Glam Valentine Bag  -cute hot pink bag with little black hearts. 

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