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December 2011 GoGogirlfriend

GoGogirlfriends is undergoing a change of hands… What I know is very limited- but their shipments have been put on hold or are going out at slower than a snail’s pace. My December2011 box arrived sometime late January so no telling when my January box (or any other boxes) will be arriving; I’ll keep you posted!

So the GoGogirlfriend box is $12.99 a month and sends a great assortment of goodies. Currently they are not accepting new members but if you follow the referral link you might be able to get on an email wait list.

Here’s all the goodies I received in my December 2011 box:

Spa Terry Cloth Adjustable Headband   -A $6.99 value-  This is an extra wide adjustable headband with elasticized sides. Although it does a nice job keeping my hair away from my face it’s just a wee bit wide for my back of my head head, but hey, I got it for free so I’ll use it or let my husband use it- lol. ;)

Blossoms Lip Shimmer Gloss in Sunset  -A $12.99 value-  I was excited to get this gloss (paid for the box in itself) and the color is so pretty. The gloss goes on smooth and looks and feels so nice. Not gloopy or gooey feeling at all! I would buy this product for sure!

Blossoms Lip Liner in Current  -A $6.99 value-  This is a deep rich reddish color with a purple undertone. This full sized liner goes on smooth and blends really nicely… I may be adventurous and use it as an eyeliner OR use it with my sunset gloss for a dressy evening look. 

Comodynes Self Tanning Towelette  I haven’t used this towelette yet so I’ll have to get back to you about this one!

Renu Derma Creamy Cleanser  -My product says cream based lotion, but the description is for a creamy cleanser. The mesh beggars bag was cute packaging. I haven’t tried it out yet so when I do I’ll update! (and let you know if it was a cleanser or lotion!)

Blum Naturals Orange Peel Exfoliating Towelette  -Approximate value is $3.30 per towelette-  

Blum Naturals GrapeSeed Pro Age Cleanser Towelette  -Approximate value is $7.50 per towelette-  

GoGogirlfriend Unscented Floating Candle  -approx value is a little over $2-  This is a smooth floating disc candle. Says it will burn 8-10 hours, looking forward to using it soon.

GoGogirlfriend Olive and Shea Butter Soap Sample in Breeze  - this is just a little sample of their all natural soaps. The breeze scent is really light, almost can’t smell it- but the color is a pretty marbled blue.

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