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Jewel Mint

Personalize your own jewelry collection with JewelMint

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Jewel Mint is an accessory of the month club.

With your monthly subscription of 19.99 you may choose an item to be sent to you, and shipping is free. 

They have some of the latest trends in fashion on their site: hip necklaces, amazing earrings, trendy bracelets, pins and other fashionable accessories to choose from.

What I like about Jewel Mint is they have excellent on-line customer service via chat sessions and have always been very helpful and super friendly. 

Another great option that Jewel Mint offers is the availability to skip a month- or share your month (meaning you can send something to a different address if you’d like) which is great for birthday gifts and other special occasions! Their packaging is so beautiful it really is something special.

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Use code NEWDEAL60 to get 60% off your first order!! 

If that one is no longer available try code SHOPJEWEL for 50% off

Happy Accessorizing!!