so many boxes, so little time

About Me

Who am I?

I’m Jen.

A house wife, stay at home mom and Pug wrangler.

I’m on the countdown to the big 40, still managing to have my natural hair color and fighting the good fight of not wanting to look my age! lol ;)

I love cosmetics, so much that I’ve spent a bit of time selling cosmetics, teaching make-up techniques, and doing make-overs. Oh and for a brief time I was a hand model.

Some of the great things about working in cosmetics are the perks i.e. the gratis! Oh how I miss the days of gratis. Of course now I have the BEST job in the world, being a SAHM- but I’ve never given up my love of skincare, makeup and beauty products.

I’ve recently (as of November 2011) started getting many of these random boxes of goodies delivered to my doorstep. Now I’m hooked. I’ve tried really great products, a few not so great and some products that fall somewhere in-between. 

My purpose and goal as of now is to give an honest overview of each monthly delivery- all in one place, right here, in hopes to make it easier for you to make a decision on what boxes you may like to try out and subscribe to.

After all everyone has an opinion about everything, so here I will post mine.

More to come!! ;)

making the world a more beautiful place - one day at a time,